Episode 006 – Pacing and Heart Rate

I am trying to figure out my pacing problems which leads me into talking about heart rate and training in HR zones. Listen as I wonder about HR training on the fly and do a little experiment with HR training.

I will be doing some research on HR training and may be working it into my training plan instead of running by pace.

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2 Responses to Episode 006 – Pacing and Heart Rate

  1. Eric Hunley says:

    I just listened to this podcast. Your heart rate for running at 140 for your age is excellent. You are well within Zone 2 or even MAF (180-Age) for easy runs. I wouldn’t even worry about pace if you maintain that kind of HR. If your pace increases while your hr is within 5 beats of there, you will be in great shape and improving.

    • Bill Dowis says:

      Thanks for the input. I have been running more based on effort rather than pace lately, and the runs have been feeling good.

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