Episode 009 – Slow Runners Fast Runners

There is some talk that “slow” runners take away from the competitiveness and integrity of the sport of running. Usually that talk is relegated to few runners that see themselves as better than others and are really only compensating for their own insecurities. In this episode I address a few articles that have recently popped up on the internet and talk about whether or not “slow” runners hurt the sport.

The first article I talk about is not a bad article. It gently approaches the subject of fun runs and the less competitive nature of some races and runners. You can find that here at the Wall Street Journal.

The second article I talk about is actually pretty aggressive toward slow runners. This is written on this blog here. John Bingham commented on the blog post which drew attention from letsrun.com. I also commented on the post to mention the sweeping policy of the Rock and Roll races. They actually drive people forward on the race course to keep up with the minimum pace. This is a policy I do NOT agree with and I totally forgot to talk about on the podcast.

And speaking of letsrun.com, that is where a response to John Bingham’s comment on the above blogpost was written by David Torrence. And in true LRC fashion, the message board exploded with comments and opinion.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out The Marathon Show. In episode number 217 he interviews Kevin Helliker, the writer of the WSJ article mentioned above. Also, it is just a great show and Joe is an awesome host.

So what do you think? Slow runners have just as much place in the running world as fast runners? I think everyone should work hard to give their best performance on race day. Do you agree? Add your comments to this post.

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