Episode 014 – Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend in Review

Instead of giving you a race report of my performance at the WDW Marathon Weekend, I decided it would be better to give a review of the weekend and races overall.

Spoiler Alert: Overall I rate the weekend 5 stars out of 5 stars. runDisney really knows how to put on a race and if you have never been to one of their events I suggest you sign up for one.

A good way to book a runDisney travel package is with the travel agent and friend I mention in the podcast. Jim Stone at runwiththemouse.com. He is not a sponsor of this show, nor do I get any benefit if you book with him, but he is a really awesome guy and part of my running club. I know he will do you right if you want to book a runDisney package.

I filmed a lot of footage while running the half marathon and full marathon. Over 2 and a half hours, in fact, and I am still trying to cut it together to fit into a five minute video or so. I hope to have that up here soon for your viewing pleasure.

I finally finished the video. It is a bit long, but there is just so much fun stuff to include that I couldn’t make it much shorter. I even cut a lot out before finishing the final edit.

What is there to do while waiting in the starting corrals? Take pics of course:

P1040496 P1040532 P1040533

And of course, pictures on the course…

P1040544 P1040553


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