Episode 031 – ENERGYbits plus Feeling My Way To A 5K PR

First…the Twitter shout outs…


These are just a few runners with incredible accomplishments this week. Listen in to hear about them and follow them on Twitter. And if you want a shout out on the show…or if you know someone that deserves a shout out…tweet it to me @TheMidPackers. Brag about yourself and celebrate running!

You may have already seen the ENERGYbits review that I posted here yesterday. Well even if you read it you can listen to it in this episode to. Pretty much the same, but presented a little differently for the ears.

I do not have my 5K training plan posted yet…probably this weekend…but here is the website that gave a very good write up about running by feel and taking your easy runs super easy. We can learn a lot from the way triathletes train.

I also have something to say about Halloween candy. Specifically that I eat too much of it and I really need to adjust the way I eat if I want to lose weight and run better.
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