Episode 032 – The Beer and Bagel 4 Mile(ish) Race Report

The Beer and Bagel Run

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I did the initial 1 mile time trial for my 5K Training Program. I will use this as a base line for measuring improvement throughout the next 8 weeks. I wore a heart rate monitor while I ran, which caused me to fall down a rabbit hole of HR training research.

These are two of the links I found…

Determine Max HR

Cardio Fitness Assessments and HR Zones

Those links led to other links and other links and more Google searches and I am still learning about heart rate training.

Beer and Bagel Run

Photo Credit: Vivian Corlew

I ran the Beer and Bagel Run put on by the Valley Forge Running Company. It was more challenging than I expected, but it was a lot of fun. The end gave us beer, bagels, chili, and a dancing sasquatch.

You can find the Beer and Bagel on Facebook. And check out the Valley Forge Running Company on Facebook too. Both pages have pictures from the race.

And last, but not least, the gods of the random number generator chose Shawn to win the ENERGYbits that I was giving away in my review post.

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