Episode 038 – The Year In Review

I have been feeling a little guilty about running on the treadmill at the gym instead of running outside. But Netflix has been able to get me through some treadmill running. This is the documentary I watched while on the treadmill the other day.

This episode is the 2014 Year In Review and I break down the milestones I had this year. I failed to reach my mileage goal of 2014 miles, but what is a mileage goal anyway? I talk about making mileage goals and why a lot of miles isn’t always the best goal.

Shout Outs for this episode come from #runchat on Twitter… @CarleeMcDot – @EatPrayRunDC – @a_shemmy – @Si11ySkitt1es – @maxmae12 – @cestephe – @RHism – @AlliJCollister


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