Episode 50 – Leading The Boston Marathon and the Hot Chocolate 15K Race Report

Here we are pre-race.

Here we are pre-race.

This episode is a long time coming. The time frame for this episode is all over the place because I am a professional procrastinator.

So in here I have the Hot Chocolate 15K Philadelphia race report. It wasn’t really a race for us, and it was another race where we dress up and have fun.

I was going to post this episode the week after the Hot Chocolate run, but then days slipped away and next thing you know some guy with a three digit race number is leading The Boston Marathon.

So I talk about that a little bit.

mmmm. Chocolate and medals.

mmmm. Chocolate and medals.

And of course my training log. By the time I actually get this episode live I will have about three or four days before the Delaware Marathon, and I talk a lot about Yasso 800s.
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Run on over there and do that.


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