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Episode 008 – The 2013 Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

This is a special race day episode of The Midpack Podcast. Jamie and I ran the Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon.

Listen as we chat on our way to the race and then chat some more after the race. I also report on the race as it fits into my training, I talk about photo bombing at the expo, and there is some chatter about pooping and female… CONTINUE READING

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Episode 007 – Rambling About Running

This episode is basically me rambling about a few different things about running. I talk more about max heart rate, Garmin running watches, brand loyalty, waking up early, and getting out the door.

Here is the motivational video I mentioned in this episode. I watch this a couple times a week to get me motivated to get out the door:

So watch that video, download this… CONTINUE READING

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Save The Music for the Last 30% of Your Run

Running with Music

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Running with music has long been debated among runners. The majority of mid packers seem to prefer using their iPods to get them through their race and help them enjoy their run. There are even studies that show music can fool your brain into thinking it is less fatigued and… CONTINUE READING

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Episode 006 – Pacing and Heart Rate

I am trying to figure out my pacing problems which leads me into talking about heart rate and training in HR zones. Listen as I wonder about HR training on the fly and do a little experiment with HR training.

I will be doing some research on HR training and may be working it into my training plan instead of running by pace.

Click here to listen

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