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Goals Are Meaningless

It is nearly the end of January which means that most people have long forgotten the resolutions they made twenty-some days ago. I will admit, there is a goal I made just before January 1st that I have already failed at. I made a goal to write everyday of the year. Every single day. I have not, and while I did not give up writing, I can be sure there… CONTINUE READING

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Episode 014 – Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend in Review

Instead of giving you a race report of my performance at the WDW Marathon Weekend, I decided it would be better to give a review of the weekend and races overall.

Spoiler Alert: Overall I rate the weekend 5 stars out of 5 stars. runDisney really knows how to put on a race and if you have never been to one of their events I suggest you sign up… CONTINUE READING

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Episode 013 – The Year in Review and The Year Ahead

2013 was a great year for my running. I lot of good things came out of training hard and running consistently. Listen as I recap the year and then go right into my plans and goals for 2014.

Two goals for 2014:

  1. Run 2014 miles
  2. Become a Marathon Maniac

The races involved in the maniac goal are Steamtown Marathon, Atlantic City Marathon, hopefully the Marine… CONTINUE READING

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