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How To Run for 24 Hours

I consider myself a marathoner more than I consider myself an ultra-marathoner, but I do enjoy the running and atmosphere that comes with the ultra.

In 2012 I ran the Back on my Feet 24 hour Lone Ranger. My goal was to reach 50 miles and I accomplished 50 miles in about 15 hours, not including the 2 hours worth of breaks.


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The Pebble In The Shoe

Yesterday was a fantastic day for running. Here in the Philadelphia area it was in the 40’s, the sun was shining in the morning, and the ice and snow were melting away.

I set out  little later in the morning for my run because I wanted to make sure the icy patches were gone. They were, but there was plenty of water.

A couple miles into the run… CONTINUE READING

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Episode 016 – Running Is A Religion

WoW! This is a really short episode, but it is my favorite episode so far. The podcast is finally coming together as I start scripting episodes a little better and developing the voice of the podcast.

In this episode I look at eight elements of religion and compare apply them to running to decide if running really is a religion.

So listen to this episode while you warm… CONTINUE READING

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Is Running Like A Religion?

A lot of runners will probably agree with me that running can be spiritual, especially when it is just you and nature and no interruptions. Hell, the runner’s high can even be explained as a euphoric spiritual experience when it happens in the right moment.

For years I have joked that running is my church.

And my plan for this week’s blog post was to talk all about… CONTINUE READING

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Running In The Snow

I don’t know who pissed off mother nature, but she apparently had some issues with the country this year. It has been bitter cold and I think there was even a point when all fifty states were covered in snow and ice.

As I write this there is freezing rain falling from the sky. Ice has taken down a number of trees and countless tree branches and two days… CONTINUE READING

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