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Clif Bar Wrapper or Rorschach Test

hidden faces in the clif bar wrapper

What do you see?

I love Clif Bars. I love them. And I am saying that on my own, without a sponsorship, but if you guys want to toss a sponsorship my way I am open to conversation.


A while ago I realized that there is a shark’s… CONTINUE READING

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6 Lies Beginner Runners Need To Ignore

Running really is one of the most simple activities we can do. The only thing simpler is walking. Hell, our bodies are designed to run and our ancient ancestors used running to not only get places, but hunt down dinner as well.

So why is it that when a beginner runner goes looking for advice shit starts to get complicated? The primal activity that is planted in us as… CONTINUE READING

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Episode 027 – Running On Water

Twitter shout outs for this episode:

@nightoatmeal @RunWithRabbits @KellyOB1977 @restlessrunner @The_NateMundy

If you want to find out what these runners accomplished, then listen to the show and follow them on Twitter. And don’t forget to tell me about your latest running accomplishment or milestone @themidpackers.

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Is 5 Hour Energy Good For Running?

I am not a fan of energy drinks. I always joke that those things will not only give you wings or make you monstrous, but they will also make your heart explode.

is 5 hour energy good for running

I got the EXTRA strength. Cause that’s how I roll.

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Want To Be A Stronger Runner? Add This One Thing To Your Workout Routine


how to do a kettlebell swing

Two different size kettlebells.

I am not going to beat around the bush here and keep you guessing. I am just gonna tell you straight up that kettelbells are the one thing you should add to your workout routine to become a stronger runner.

There are a lot of… CONTINUE READING

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