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5K PR Plan – Week 1 Update

Yesterday finished the first week of my plan to run a personal best time in the 5K. As stated in the plan I waited until yesterday to upload my workouts to Garmin Connect and look at the numbers.

The first thing I notice is that my volume for this plan might be a little too light. Week one finished with only… CONTINUE READING

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Episode 032 – The Beer and Bagel 4 Mile(ish) Race Report

The Beer and Bagel Run

Shout outs for this episode go out to…
‪@FloppyHatPhotos‬ – @JWLevitt – @EricLSark – @RunGearGuy – Erica

What running accomplishment or goal have you reached recently? Brag about it so I can give you a shout out! Tweet it to me @themidpackers.

I did the initial 1 mile time trial for… CONTINUE READING

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Feel Your Way To A Faster 5K

If you listened to the last episode of the podcast then you heard me talk about the 5K plan I am starting today.

This plan is all about feel. Normally, when I would train for a target race, I would determine the race pace I wanted to train for and set my pace for various training… CONTINUE READING

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Episode 031 – ENERGYbits plus Feeling My Way To A 5K PR

First…the Twitter shout outs…


These are just a few runners with incredible accomplishments this week. Listen in to hear about them and follow them on Twitter. And if you want a shout out on the show…or if you know someone that deserves a shout out…tweet… CONTINUE READING

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Energybits – My Initial Review

Don’t want to read? You can listen to my review in episode 031.

Not too long ago I discovered Energybits I think the same way many people discovered them…on Twitter and Instagram. It seemed like a new energy supplement that a lot of runners were using, and when pictures of these little bits started overflowing… CONTINUE READING

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