If you have been following this blog, or even browsing around, you may be wondering what happened with my 5K PR plan that I started in November. The plan should be wrapping up this week and I should be running a 5K this coming weekend to try to get my PR and break 25 minutes.


Yep. I got distracted. I actually became distracted by a shiny little thing called triathlon. I knew I was going to sign up for a triathlon in June of next year, and I knew I was horrible at swimming, so I started swimming at the gym, or more specifically…joined the gym so I could go swimming, and tried to swim.

But then I let swimming take time away from running, and before I knew it my 5K training plan was out the window.

5K PR Training Plan

A rainy 5K on Christmas Eve morning.

BUT…I was still running, and now I was swimming, and I even did a little bit on the bike at the gym, along with strength training and weights. So I was staying fit and working out despite not following my specific running plan. So I decided to run my own 5K to see how close I could get to a PR.

Last Wednesday, on a rainy Christmas Eve morning, I ran 5K on the streets around my house and busted out the fastest 5K I have ever done and I broke 25 minutes for the first time ever.

I wanted to stick with the training plan to see how well I could run, but also to see what I could learn about training for a 5K PR. Well, even though the plan went out the window I did learn a few things.

Lessons learned when abandoning my training plan:

I underestimated my ability

I underestimate my ability to run a faster 5K. I think I could have done 25 minutes even before I started this training plan. I have underestimated myself quite a few times before and because of that I do not train or perform to my max potential. This is something I am still working on.

I could have run faster and easier

What would have happened if I did actually follow the training plan as I had it mapped out? I think if I would have stuck with it I would have still broke 25 minutes, but doing so would have felt easier than it did last week. Or I would have gone about the same effort level and run a faster time. This is a good lesson to stick with a training plan.

Stay active, stay fit

I have been pretty active all year. Even when I was not in a training plan for something I was still working out. So even when I was not at my peak for a race or a time trial I was still in good enough condition to do it without killing myself. And this will only improve as I workout more and target HR training more closely.

So I am excited that I ran a PR and broke 25 minutes…but now I wonder how much faster could I run?


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