5K PR Plan – Week 1 Update

Yesterday finished the first week of my plan to run a personal best time in the 5K. As stated in the plan I waited until yesterday to upload my workouts to Garmin Connect and look at the numbers.

The first thing I notice is that my volume for this plan might be a little too light. Week one finished with only 19.33 miles. The volume does increase with each week, but now I am having second thoughts on how conservative I was with the volume of the plan.

But I am sticking with it as is, because I want to see how this plan does. It is all about experimentation and adjusting for future training needs.

Effort Level and Heart Rate Zones

The Effort Level Spectrum

Effort Level 2
As planned most of the runs were easy and in effort level 2. A total of 12.44 miles were run at this effort level. That is 64.3% of the mileage run easy.

Effort Level 4-5
Only 1.86 miles were run at effort level of 4-5. This was done in 3×1000 meter intervals. Those intervals were done in 4:55, 4:55, and 4:57. A pretty good start for the speed work in my opinion. If I want to break 25 minutes in a 5K I need to average less than 5 minutes per kilometer. So this speed work looks promising. This was also the lightest speed workout of the plan. Each week adds more intervals until I top off at 10×1000 and then moves back down to 5×1000.

Effort Level 3
The final run of the week was 5 miles at an effort level of 3. The first mile was a slower warmup mile compared to the rest of the run. 11:14 for the first split and then sub 10 minutes per mile for the four miles after that for an average pace of 10:01 per mile. After that first mile it was easy to stay in level 3, although I did have to back off a bit a couple of times when I felt myself speed up. Usually when passing other people walking or running.

It seems that my heart rate is a little bit high during the first .75 miles of easy runs/warm ups. After that, and it is usually right around .75 miles every time, my HR goes down, levels off, and I can run harder with a lower HR.

So week one felt very easy. I felt like I could keep going after every run and my body felt good after every run. As the mileage builds up I expect to feel a little more fatigue, and that is good during a training plan.

So now I start week 2 and I am one step closer to a 5K personal best time.

How did your training go this week? Leave a comment and tell me about it.

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