5K PR Plan – Week 2 Update

Yesterday finished up week two of my 5K training plan to run my personal best time. I am still feeling good about the training. Yesterday I woke before the sun rise to get my run in, something I have not done in a very long time, because we went down to the city to spectate the Philadelphia Marathon.

Last week I was concerned that the volume might be too low. It picked up a little bit this week with 21.32 miles, but I also skipped Saturday’s easy run which would have added another 4 miles.

Effort Level and Heart Rate Zones

The Effort Level Spectrum

The majority of my runs were done at a level 2 intensity. 61.5% of the mileage was done at no higher than a level 2. Something noticeable about these runs when I uploaded them to the computer is that the pace is very even straight across the board. There are no big spikes up or down(except when I am waiting to cross an intersection) and I have been able to fall into a pace pretty easily and keep it there for the whole run.  Which is weird to me since I am not even considering pace when running, I am only considering effort.

THEORY: Focusing on pace during a run makes it harder to run an even pace throughout the entire run.

My intervals for this week consisted of 5×1000 at effort level 4-5. I started these at a good effort and got faster with each one. 5:15, 5:03, 4:57, 4:55, 4:44. My average HR for each interval was about the same except for that last one which was about 9 BPM faster than the others.

And finally my run at effort level of 3 was done on Sunday morning. This one started off with a slow first mile and got about 30 seconds faster with each mile. The final average pace for the 5.08 miles was 10:39/mile. The entire run felt closer to the low end of level 3, but went very well.

My findings regarding my HR last week have continued this week. It takes about .75 miles for my HR to settle down (or warm up) so that I can run a faster pace at a lower HR. In fact the 5 mile run I did on Sunday had my HR in the 160’s for the first three quarters of a mile while running an average pace of 12:27 for that first mile. Whereas for the rest of the run my HR averaged about 148 BMP while my pace averaged much faster at about 10:08/mile.

These HR readings may not correlate exactly with the zones I might be using if I were training based on HR instead of perceived effort, but they are giving me good information that I can apply to training and a way to measure my improvement of my running. And hey, perhaps I will be training by HR one day.

So there it is. Week 2 is done, 6 weeks to go, and I am learning about my self and my training.

How did your training go this week?

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