5K PR Plan – Week 4 Update

It has been a rough ten days or so with my training. Thanksgiving brought travel and family time and a broken treadmill at the hotel. I did not have the proper clothes to run out in the cold so I had to use the elliptical instead. Turns out that can be a pretty good workout.

And now I have felt some tightness in my left knee. It has felt better the past day or two, and did not feel too intense but I still took it easy on the running.

So just about all my runs have been in effort level 2 in an attempt to lower the impact on the knee. I did get a number of easy runs in so I feel my fitness has not faltered.

So now the highlight of the week…The Mile Time Trial. (Known by some as the Magic Mile).

I was able to complete my mile time trial on Saturday as scheduled. I warmed up for fifteen minutes and then ran the mile. I overdressed a little bit, wearing a tight base layer under a long sleeve running shirt so I got a little warm during the run.

The mile was finished in 7:25.6 with an average HR of 168.

The mile TT I did four weeks ago was 7:43.7 with an average HR of 172.

So in four weeks I see improvement in both speed and heart rate.

I know that the speed can vary based on a number of variables. I could have run that same mile on a different day with different weather and the time could be significantly different. So even though this past weekend’s mile was 18 seconds faster than four weeks ago my fitness could technically be pretty much the same.

The difference in heart rate excites me even more. Four weeks ago I ran 18 seconds slower but my heart rate averaged four beats higher per minute. Keeping a lower heart rate while running faster, even by that very little bit, means that I am getting stronger. Little by little.

And that is what I am aiming for here with the polarized training. Easy runs very easy and hard runs very hard. This makes the heart stronger so that the body can run more efficiently.

So halfway through the 5K training plan for a PR I am happy with the progress.

Let’s see how the second half goes.


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