The MidPack Podcast is the running podcast for runners that always celebrate the finish line, but are never quite satisfied with their finish times. Runners of all abilities that are working hard to become better runners and only competing with their former selves.

The host of The MidPack Podcast is Bill Dowis, a back of the mid-pack runner working hard to run better, stronger, and faster and constantly doing battle with the marathon.

Listen in as Bill talks about endurance, long distance running, cross training, nutrition, diet and exercise, fitness, and dreaming of one day winning his age group at any race distance.

Find the show on Twitter @themidpackers.

I am Bill Dowis and I am the host of the podcast. I am a story teller, a blogger, a podcaster, and an endurance athlete. I occasionally blog at my personal website, billdowis.com and can be found on almost all social networking sites as billdowis.

I am Marathon Maniac #9961

I am a…

5x Ten Miler
15x Half Marathoner
8x Marathoner
3x Ultra Marathoner
Along with innumerable shorter distance races.

Significant improvements include…

My first mile was run in over 13 minutes back in 2008.
My fastest mile was 6:54 in December of 2013.

My first 5K – 34:49 in October 2008.
My fastest 5K – 24:22 in December of 2014.

My first 10 miler – 1:46:45 in May of 2009.
My fastest 10 miler – 1:28:43 in November of 2013.

My first half marathon – 2:24:12 in September of 2009.
My fastest half marathon – 1:57:50 in April of 2014.

My first marathon – 6:00:29 in November of 2009.
My fastest marathon – 4:30:06 in November of 2013.

My longest distance run is 50.76 miles in July of 2014.

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