Batman Ran The Blue Cross Broad Street Run Looking For Bandits

Yesterday was the Blue Cross Broad Street Run here in Philadelphia. This is the biggest 10 miler on the east coast, and I think it could even be the biggest 10 miler in the country. Over 40,000 official runners registered for this race and at only $45 it is still a great deal.

Just like most popular races are doing now, this one went to a lottery system last year. I do not know how many people registered for the lottery, but a lot of disappointed posts sprinkled social media when the lottery winners were announced.

With this race being so popular, there were bound to be bandits high tailing it down Broad Street stealing runner’s resources and medals and causing chaos among the packed crowd of runners.

One man was determined not to let that happen.

Batman came all the way from Gotham City to patrol the streets of Brotherly Love and make sure no bandits invaded the race.

And here are 10 selfies he took while doing just that.

The Subway Selfie

The Subway Selfie
There is no parking at the start so I had to stash the Bat-mobile at one of the ballparks. I should have brought my driver.

The Port-A-Pottie Selfie

The Port-A-Pottie
I was at the race start early enough to use the Port-A-Potties without any trouble. No sign of pesky bandits.

The Starting Corral Selfie

Starting Corral Selfie
Lots of people crammed for the start. I’ll need to find a tall building for a better perspective.

The Wave of Runners Selfie

Wave of Runners
Holy loads of runners, Batman. There are so many of them it is hard to keep track.

The Cop Car Selfie

Cop Car
I am proud to help Philadelphia’s finest protect the city’s best 10 miler.

The Drum Band Selfie

Drum Band
These guys were laying down a great beat on the drums. That kind of music gives me motivation to jump out of dark caves and fight Bane.

The Water Stop Selfie

Water Stop
Making sure bandits don’t steal water from one of the many water stops along the course.

The City Hall Selfie

City Hall
Halfway through the race runner’s pass City Hall. A great high point in the city for me to look down on all the runners.

The Master Chief Selfie

Master Chief
I wasn’t the only one watching out for bandits. The Master Chief was keeping a close eye on the runners.

Mile 8 Selfie

Mile 8
The Mile 8 marker. So far I have only had to punch two people. Still no bandits though.

A Great Run.

So, Batman finished the run and did not have any problems with bandits. He did hear a police radio mention people walking in the streets with runners and ran into action, but they were just normal people trying to get where they needed to go.

That’s it for now. Come back Wednesday for a very special episode of The MidPack Podcast.

Same Bat time, Same Bat channel.



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