Be Sure To Drink Your Vegetables

My biggest weakness when it comes to running and weight loss and improving my fitness is my diet. I do not eat healthy. I do not eat clean. I am not vegetarian or vegan. I don’t have a raw diet.

I don’t even like vegetables.

I can eat vegetables when they are incorporated into a dish such as soup or stew. I can even force down some vegetables that soak up the fatty flavors from surrounding a roast in the oven or slow cooker.

But vegetables in general. I hate them.

I don’t like the taste or texture of most of them and there is no way I would eat them raw.

I have tried.

So what am I to do to improve my eating habits?

I saw a documentary about a year or so ago called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead(amazon link). It got me to thinking about juicing vegetables. I figured if I could drink the nutrients in the veggies, then perhaps I don’t have to choke down a salad.

Now, I know that the best possible thing would probably be to just eat vegetables and salads and all that crap, but I can not acquire a taste for them. So perhaps my next best thing would be to drink them.

So finally, after about a year, I have purchased a juicer.

juicerMy plan has been to drink juice in the morning. I can still eat a healthy breakfast, but the juice will give me a lot of nutrients. I have been drinking about 24 ounces of juice, which takes a lot of veggies. Usually a bunch of kale, a whole cucumber, some celery, two green apples, some lemon, and a piece of ginger.

Now the taste is not perfect, but is doable.

I can not speak of the health benefits yet, but I can say that drinking this in the morning helps me feel fuller into the afternoon. Even after I run and burn a lot of energy I do not feel the urge to eat as much.

I must say that the first couple of days makes the belly do some crazy things though. Lots of gurgles down there and a few trips to the bathroom. Yikes.

Photo Mar 10, 7 58 25 AMBut I am starting to feel good. This may be a placebo effect, but I doubt it.

Will juicing make my health perfect?

Hell No!

But you make big changes by first making small changes. This is one thing that will help my health and fitness, and help to finally get the belly a little flatter.

Do you juice? Tell me about it in the comments or leave links to your favorite recipes.


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