Boston Strong

It is Boston Marathon Weekend!

This is an exciting weekend for runners, but it goes without saying that this particular weekend of this particular year holds a little more weight. Or at least a different kind of weight.

I wanted to write a post about the events at last years race and all of the ripples it has had through the running community over the past year.

But I did not have anything new or insightful to say.

I was not in Boston last year. In fact I have never been to Boston. Chances are I will never qualify for Boston unless I keep running and let my qualification times catch up to me in 30 or 40 years.

I do remember tracking runners last year and all of a sudden the text messages went silent. I figured there was too much trying to go through or the tracking programs had messed up. I had seen that at other races in the past.

But when I checked Twitter I kept seeing tweets about an explosion. The race had been stopped and there was a mess at the finish line.

It took a while to find out if the friends I was tracking were okay, they all were, and I had friends texting and messaging me asking if I was up there.

All I know is this. If you want to disrupt the determination and dedication a group of people have. Runners are not the group to give up so easily.

Are you running Boston this year? Leave a comment below or tweet me @themidpackers. I would like to follow you.


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