Clif Bar Wrapper or Rorschach Test

hidden faces in the clif bar wrapper

What do you see?

I love Clif Bars. I love them. And I am saying that on my own, without a sponsorship, but if you guys want to toss a sponsorship my way I am open to conversation.


A while ago I realized that there is a shark’s head on the wrapper. In the bottom middle mountain. If you look close enough you can see it.

Hidden Face In Clif Bar Wrapper

Right above the “OCO” in Chocolate, there is the shark head.

And then…just the other day I realized there is another face hidden in the wrapper, staring out at me. This one is the face of a man, and it is being climbed by the little guy in the picture.

Hidden faces in the clif bar wrapper

The man is climbing on the big guys face.

The climber is holding on to the hidden face with his right hand. His left hand is on the face’s brow, and his foot is almost in the guys mouth. The guy’s nose is actually pointing at the climber’s leg.

I can not help but wonder if this is done on purpose. Is there any significance behind the faces in the wrapper? What does this all mean?

I did a quick Google search to see if anything came up about the faces and I actually found some crazy blog spouting shit about satan and the anti-christ or something like that.

So in other words I have not found any information on the internet about it.

Have you seen the hidden faces in the Clif Bar wrapper before?

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