Energybits – My Initial Review

Don’t want to read? You can listen to my review in episode 031.

Not too long ago I discovered Energybits I think the same way many people discovered them…on Twitter and Instagram. It seemed like a new energy supplement that a lot of runners were using, and when pictures of these little bits started overflowing in my social media feeds I had to check them out. I dug around their website to see if I could find a little bit more about them.

“a little bit more…” hahahaha. get it? 

Ahem. Sorry.

Surfing around the website I discovered that Energybits are a single ingredient. Spirulina algae. The little company based out of Boston brags about the benefits of using algae as a food, not a supplement according to them, and uses 100% organically grown algea.

So I decided to contact them and ask for a sample to review on the blog and in the podcast. They were more than happy to oblige. A few days later a nice little package came in the mail.

Energybits - Blue Green Algae

Lots of info here.

There was of course your normal marketing material that you might find at an expo or in a swag bag, but they also included some printed material explaining what Energybits are made of and why they are good to take.

Energybits - Blue green algae

Energy on the go.

The little tin is the go to carrying case for the bits. Even when you buy a big bag of these things they give you the little case to carry around a few servings with you during the day.

The little tin I was given was packed with about 100 bits. I did not count these exactly but I did count out servings and calculated how many I took each time and I am pretty sure there were about 100 bits in there.

After opening the package and reading through the materials they gave me I was pretty amped to give these a try. It was late afternoon and I wasn’t planning to do any workouts for the day, but I was feeling a bit tired. I had been sitting on the couch catching up on my DVR and felt like I could take a nap at any minute. I decided to swallow about 20 bits (a suggested serving size is 30) and see if they wake me up a bit.  I did read somewhere in the paperwork or the website or both that the bits do not provide a jolt of energy nor do you feel a crash afterward, and that is true. I did feel a little more alert and awake as my body processed the amino acids in the algae. Was it working or was it the placebo effect?

The next test was a few days later. I really wanted to try the bits before a workout so I took 30 bits about 20 minutes before a 3 mile easy run. I did not feel any difference in the run, but that could have been caused by the fact I was still recovering from the Marine Corps Marathon. I will tell you this however…for the rest of the day I did not feel as tired as I usually do, and even after eight hours on my feet at my day job I was still feeling more alert and awake than most other days of the same soul sucking day job.

Energybits - blue green algae

Does a little bit go a long way?

My next test was a normal day. Again at the day job, I took about six bits before work and then throughout the day I would swallow a few bits at a time. Total throughout the day I took about the suggested serving size of 30 bits. Same results. I did not feel as tired as I normally would at the day job. Both times I also felt less hunger. Normally I would feel hungry, even if I wasn’t, and would snack throughout the day. While on the bits regiment I felt less hunger and did not eat as much.

There seem to be some positive results when taking Energybits, but I do not think there is enough information in the little sample that I have. I am confident enough to order a package direct from the company (you can’t get them anywhere else) and try a dedicated bit regiment for at least a month. While doing so I will take notes and see how things go.

I did notice one negative side effect. Farts. Yep, while taking algae it seems that you can become a little gassy. During my research I found that this is normal if your body is not used to the amount of algae it is processing. So hopefully my body will adapt and I don’t have to worry about who is standing behind me.

There are studies that show taking algae can have positive effects on the body, including the immune system, seasonal allergies, infections and more. Other claims about algae have not been proven conclusively with scientific studies, but have not been disproven either. I did find this from the National Institute of Health that says early studies show improved exercise performance in men when taking algae. Specifically they are able to sprint for longer periods of time before getting tired. That is a good sign. I am not sure if that study was only done in men or only had effects on men, but I would assume women would also benefit the same way.

If anything, this little sample of Energybits has peaked my interest in this little super food known as algae. It has been used for centuries as a food source, and at least for decades by athletes as a way to improve performance. Like I said I will be ordering a full bag from Energybits and I will also be doing more research into algae.

Do You Want Free Energybits?

And now for some good news. Jonathan over at the Energybits headquarters has said that I can give away some bits to my MidPackers! There is one catch, he can only mail them to someone in the United States. Sorry about that rest of the world.

So this coming weekend I will randomly pick a MidPacker to receive some free Energybits. What makes someone a MidPacker? Easy, just be subscribed to the MidPacker Mailing List and you are a MidPacker.

If you are not subscribed yet use the form below to sign up. Make sure you confirm your subscription.

And then watch your email this weekend…I will be announcing the random drawing and the winner through the mailing list.

You can only win if you are part of the MidPackers!


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