How To Eat To Lose Weight

I am going to tell you right now that this post does not include some magic power foods to help you lose weight. I am not going to tell you how to break down your fats and proteins and carbs. In fact, I am not going tell you what to eat at all. There are plenty of sources out there with that information, many of whom are much more knowledgeable than I am in the science of eating.

What I am going to tell you is literally how to eat to lose weight. This is how I am training my mind to approach eating differently so that I use eating as a fueling opportunity instead of a binge fest.

Designate an eating area in your house.

The best place for this would probably be at the kitchen table or the dining room table. This is the only place, or at least the main place, where you do all of your eating in your house. I actually made a rule for my kids that they are not allowed to eat anywhere except the kitchen table, because they are a mess and I don’t want to clean up crap all over the house. Because there is only one place in the house they can eat, they snack and munch on food a lot less than they used to. If they could snack while sitting in front of the television I am sure they would devour everything from the pantry in a matter of hours.

Which brings me to my next rule…

Make the couch a no eating zone.

My kids are not the only ones that can chow down on the couch. There have been plenty of times I sit down for an episode of The Walking Dead and by the time the credits roll I have taken out an entire box of Wheat Thins.

When we are staring mindlessly into the television our bodies are already in a zombie state. If we have something on hand to snack on we will not even be thinking about what we are eating. Our hands will just keep reaching into the box and stuffing into our face.

So whatever happens…DO NOT eat on the couch.

Eat one bite at a time.

This one may seem kind of obvious. Of course we eat one bit at a time, right? But there is more to it. When we are eating we should concentrate on the bite in our mouth and not the next two or three bites to come.

Here is what I do to help myself eat one bite at a time. I take a bite, set my fork (or sandwich, or Clif Bar, or whatever I am eating) down, put my hands together and eat that one bite. I may be thinking about the food in my mouth or I may be thinking about something a million miles away, but I am not thinking about the next bite until it is time for the next bite.

I know this sounds all hocus pocus, but it really is doing something. It forces you to slow down and concentrate on what you are eating. This gives your mind the time to process the meal and realize that the body is satisfied.

Don’t say you can’t eat something.

I hear this all the time, “I can’t eat that because I’m on a diet.”

First of all you shouldn’t be “on a diet” but that is a discussion for another time. More importantly you shouldn’t be using the word can’t. What you should be saying is I do not eat that.

I do not eat that.

Saying those words puts the power in your hands. You don’t eat something because it doesn’t fit in with your fueling requirements. You can eat whatever you want, but you know that some things are not worth eating. So you don’t eat them.

Simple as that.

So this is basically a training plan for your mind. What we are doing here is getting into certain habits when it comes to eating, and teaching the body to respond to the mind. I will freely admit that I have a hard time when it comes to proper fueling and nutrition. Even incorporating these ideas into my eating routine has been difficult at times, but when I do follow this plan it helps me control portions and stop from over eating.

Will this work all the time? I don’t know. Will this work for everyone that tries it? Probably not. But it is a way to start changing the way you think about eating. And that is a crucial step if you want to lose weight.

Have you tried things like this before? What are some other tips that you know of that will help when eating and managing weight? Let me know in the comments.


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