How To Make Overnight Oats – A Good Pre Race Breakfast

I am constantly tweaking and trying new things with my race nutrition, but one thing that I have pretty much settled on for a good pre race meal is overnight oats.

It is extremely easy to mix the ingredients together and throw them in the fridge the night before a race and have them ready to eat in the morning. The beauty of overnight oats is that you really only need two things, rolled oats (not instant) and milk (or other liquid of choice). Every other ingredient is optional and only adds to the deliciousness of such a meal.

This past Sunday I ran the Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon, and of course overnight oats was my pre race meal. For this one I used skim milk, and I added raisins, cinnamon, and maple syrup. The real maple syrup, not that fake stuff in a plastic squeeze bottle.

overnight oats ingredients

The basic ingredients.

The first thing I do is measure some oats into my little Ziploc Twist N Lock containers. There are measurements on the side for 1 cup and 2 cups, and I usually pour a cup of dry oats in there. Nothing else is measured, I just pour ingredients in to taste. I may have been a little heavy on the cinnamon in this one though.

how to make overnight oats

The dry ingredients

After that I put the lid on the container and shake it up. This isn’t crucial, but it helps spread the flavors around some.

how to make overnight oats

Shake up the flavors

After the dry ingredients are mixed up I pour in the wet ingredients. In this case it is the maple syrup and the milk. You could use honey instead of maple syrup, and I have also seen recipes that use greek yogurt instead of milk. I haven’t tried that one yet, but I will in the near future.

Remember that the oats will soak up the liquid so you want to add a little more than you think you need. I like my overnight oats to end up on the loose side so I add a little extra milk.

how to make overnight oats

Pour in the wet stuff. Milk and maple syrup.

Now all you have to do is put the lid on and put it in the fridge. Let it sit overnight. I give it another quick shake after the lid is on tight to mix up the flavors some more.

In the morning you can pull it out of the fridge and here is what you have:

how to make overnight oats

Ready to eat.

It is ready to eat right out of the fridge. Sometimes I eat them cold, and sometimes I eat them hot. If you want to, just heat the overnight oats up in the microwave until they are nice and warm.

how to make overnight oats

The heat is on

Give them a good stir to before you dig in to make sure the flavors are all mixed up. I like mixing the flavors as much as possible if you couldn’t tell.

This is also a good breakfast to prepare the night before when you have to go to work or school. Like I said you can eat them cold on the fly or heat them up and take them with you.

What stuff do you like to add to your overnight oats? Let me know in the comments.

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2 Responses to How To Make Overnight Oats – A Good Pre Race Breakfast

  1. Levi says:

    I love overnight oats. Using yogurt is good too. I also throw in some chia seeds to give it an extra boost.

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