Run Club

The first rule of Run Club is you always talk about Run Club.

The idea for this post was planted in my head when I was out for a long run last week. Here is how it started…

I was running down the road and passed another runner coming in the opposite direction. We exchanged the quick wave and said “good morning” as we continued running. This is something most runners do and is not unusual.

About an hour and a half later I passed that same runner on a different road. We waved again, but this time he had a look in his eye. A look that said “we are the same, running through sunrise for hours and hours. Miles and miles.”

Before that I had never seen the same runner twice, much less the same runner twice in one morning hours and miles apart. The look on his face told me the same. And when we made eye contact it was as if two members of a secret society recognized each other on the road.

A secret society that anyone is allowed to join.

The rules of Run Club…

  1. You always talk about Run Club.
  2. You always talk about Run Club… even to people that don’t care.
  3. If you run, walk, crawl, go limp, or collapse… You keep going, the run is not over.
  4. Only one run at a time.
  5. One step at a time.
  6. Shoes, No shoes. Your choice.
  7. Runs will go on as long as they have to.
  8. If this is your first night at Run Club, you must run.
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