Running In The Snow

I don’t know who pissed off mother nature, but she apparently had some issues with the country this year. It has been bitter cold and I think there was even a point when all fifty states were covered in snow and ice.

As I write this there is freezing rain falling from the sky. Ice has taken down a number of trees and countless tree branches and two days ago eight inches of snow covered my neighborhood.

I blame Disney.

So what is a runner to do when the weather takes a dump on us? Should we retreat to the gym and spend hours staring at a television screen while going nowhere on the treadmill? Maybe we can just skip the run and wait for the weather to clear up.

Hell no!

running in the coldGet your ass out that door and run. Run in the cold. Run in the snow. Run in the wind and rain and run in the apocalypse if you must.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love running in the snow. Especially just as it starts falling and a nice thin layer is covering everything. A lot of people ask me how I can run in such weather. Some of the questions are implying that I am crazy, which I may be, but that is a discussion for another time. Some of the questions are literally asking me how I can run in the snow.

Running in the snow is easy. Dress in layers. Take shorter strides so you don’t slip. Watch for patches of ice. And stay away from streets that haven’t been plowed. Snow is fun to run in and a good snowfall can turn your neighborhood sidewalks into suburban trails.


Running in the snow makes you badass.

Seriously, anyone can run when the weather is nice. Oh, it is 45 degrees and sunny. Hell, you must be hardcore. But when it is 20 degrees and grey and snowing…that is when a runner is made. If you can train in weather like that then you can kill that spring race with a monster PR.

running in the snowI also love the stillness of the snow. You know what I mean. When the snow has been falling for a couple of hours and everyone is hiding in their houses. The white blanket is still fresh and undisturbed. The cloudy ceiling is hanging low and the flakes are drifting all around you.

Then it is a good time to unplug the earbuds and take in nature. Find your center as you pound away at the miles and float along the sidewalks. If ever there was a runner’s high, this is one of those times you can easily find it.

I get it, we all hate the horrible weather, but can we change it? Can we make it better? No we can not.

Instead, get out there and own that weather.

Seize the opportunity to run like you have never run before and stop using the weather as an excuse to sit on the couch and binge on Netflix.


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