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It is pretty safe to say that a lot of us like to run with music. I go both ways. Some days I run with music, other days I do not.

Now, typically I have some guilty pleasures on my iPod. Chart topping pop songs that get the body moving. I ain’t gonna lie to you, there are some pretty questionable songs on my running playlist.

But I discovered, or re-discovered rather, a new way to run with music.

You know when you are watching a movie and there is music under all the action? An orchestra is belting out some instrumental magic that is totally immersing you in the scene. That music, usually composed specifically for the movie and broken down for each scene needed, is the score.

I do not know the names of most of the composers in Hollywood. I hear them mentioned on the night of the Oscars, but their names quickly disappear into the back of my mind. One name that has stayed with me is Hans Zimmer. I know his music from the Nolan Batman Trilogy, and after doing a fews seconds of research on the internet I found out that he also composed the music for a shit ton of movies, most of which I love.

So here is what I did the other day. I took the score from The Dark Knight Rises and loaded it onto my iPod. I ran to the action packed soundtrack of Batman.

Having music like this pumping through your brain as you run does a lot of things.

It fights the fatigue felt during the run. (This is a scientific fact, you know.)

It closes out the clutter of the world and lets me escape within myself. Music of all kinds can do this for people, but the musical scores from movies do not have the distracting lyrics of the stuff you hear on the radio. Without the lyrics it is easier for me to empty my mind and let myself reach a state of meditation.

The mix of tempos make for a better run. Even a movie full of action and adventure and people beating the hell out of each other will have a variety of music. Even the slow parts of the film need some music to help set the tone. You would be surprised, even the songs with a slow tempo can meld with the run. I think it puts me in a more relaxed state and I run stronger without even thinking about it.

So I mentioned Hans Zimmer. I am not saying he is the best composer in Hollywood, although I am sure some people would argue his case, but I am saying he is a good place to start for some impressive running music.

Here is an hour long YouTube video that a fan put together of some of his music. Scan through there and listen to some of the songs. Imagine having them pump through you on your next run.

If you decide to make a playlist of your own, put some of the slower tempo songs in the beginning as you warm up and stack the faster tempo songs at the end to help you finish strong. There is definitely enough music out there to put together a playlist for any distance run.

I talked a little bit about making a running score in episode 018 of The MidPack Podcast. Check it out and tell me what you think.

What music do you like when you run?

And if you love running, which face it I know you do, then become a MidPacker and get great running related emails from me.

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