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Episode 021 – Bandits, Broad Street, and The Batman

There was a lot of controversy regarding bandits at this year’s Boston Marathon. Bandits have a strong history in running, but most people are just now expressing concern over their being in our races. I give my opinion in this episode and it may meet with some disagreement from a lot of people. Or at least a lot of people I have seen commenting around the internet about bandits… CONTINUE READING

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Batman Ran The Blue Cross Broad Street Run Looking For Bandits

Yesterday was the Blue Cross Broad Street Run here in Philadelphia. This is the biggest 10 miler on the east coast, and I think it could even be the biggest 10 miler in the country. Over 40,000 official runners registered for this race and at only $45 it is still a great deal.

Just like most popular races are doing now, this one went to a lottery… CONTINUE READING

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