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The Elephant and The PR

First…a story about elephants.

When elephants are bred in captivity, trainers condition the baby elephants so they have better control over them. An elephant is a huge creature and more importantly a very strong creature. Trainers tie young elephants up using rope that they cannot break free from. They struggle against the ropes but since they have yet to develop the strength they are destined to have they are… CONTINUE READING

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Episode 009 – Slow Runners Fast Runners

There is some talk that “slow” runners take away from the competitiveness and integrity of the sport of running. Usually that talk is relegated to few runners that see themselves as better than others and are really only compensating for their own insecurities. In this episode I address a few articles that have recently popped up on the internet and talk about whether or not “slow” runners hurt the sport… CONTINUE READING

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