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Episode 038 – The Year In Review

I have been feeling a little guilty about running on the treadmill at the gym instead of running outside. But Netflix has been able to get me through some treadmill running. This is the documentary I watched while on the treadmill the other day.

This episode is the 2014 Year In Review and I break down the milestones I had this year. I failed to reach my… CONTINUE READING

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Episode 030 – Marathon Maniac Quest Pt 2 – The Marine Corps Marathon

Here are the Twitter shout outs for this episode… ‏‪@reddirt41‬ @PowderBlueRunr‬ ‏‪@ChaddBalbi ‬ ‏‪@CarrieReed3‬ @JanetBS

Tell me your milestones and accomplishments so I can celebrate them on the show! Tweet them to me @themidpackers

I have been so excited to run the Marine Corps Marathon that I spent most of the week getting lost in… CONTINUE READING

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Episode 029 – Marathon Maniacs Quest Pt 1 – Atlantic City Marathon

Shout outs for this episode go to…Listener Ed H. – @markemmanuel@WhatThe5K@LeslieRuns@coachbrianruns brags about his brother @emlzcole@RunBrieRun13_1

Listen to the episode to hear their brags and accomplishments! Do you have something to brag about? An accomplishment or milestone to be celebrated? Tell me on Twitter, @theMidPackers.


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Episode 028 – Race Rituals and Marathon Maniacs Math

This week’s Twitter shout outs:
@JohnHudson42 @nitalyn @Got2Run4Me @eebrunning @juliamielish

Listen to the episode to find out what these runners have accomplished lately, and then go follow them on Twitter. If you have a running accomplishment you would like to celebrate tell me @themidpackers.

I am coming to the end of my Marathon Maniac Quest… CONTINUE READING

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My Marathon Maniac Quest

I do not remember when I first heard about the Marathon Maniacs, but I do remember asking myself, “what is a Marathon Maniac?” And then, “how do I become a Marathon Maniac?

There are various criteria for different levels of Maniac, but the minimum level is a one star maniac, or bronze level, and requires that you run 2 marathons within 16 days of each other… CONTINUE READING

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