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Episode 039 – How To Make Goals, Resolutions, and Plans for 2015

Everyone likes to make resolutions for the New Year, but isn’t there a better way? How can we make goals instead of resolutions and how can we plan to reach those goals?

And what are some better options to the yearly mileage goal?

Find out in this week’s episode of The MidPack Podcast where I will also talk about plans for 2015 and what races I am aiming… CONTINUE READING

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Episode 038 – The Year In Review

I have been feeling a little guilty about running on the treadmill at the gym instead of running outside. But Netflix has been able to get me through some treadmill running. This is the documentary I watched while on the treadmill the other day.

This episode is the 2014 Year In Review and I break down the milestones I had this year. I failed to reach my… CONTINUE READING

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Is 5 Hour Energy Good For Running?

I am not a fan of energy drinks. I always joke that those things will not only give you wings or make you monstrous, but they will also make your heart explode.

is 5 hour energy good for running

I got the EXTRA strength. Cause that’s how I roll.

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Episode 26 – Burpees, Kettlebells, and the Two Hour Marathon

Here are the Twitter shout outs for this episode. If you want to know why they are getting shout outs, you’re gonna have to listen to the episode. Or follow them on Twitter.

@nacole99 @grantdebruin82  @azureacademia  @julionthemove  @mattgoode

And remember, if you want a shout out on the podcast, tweet me your accomplishments on Twitter and follow me… CONTINUE READING

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My Marathon Maniac Quest

I do not remember when I first heard about the Marathon Maniacs, but I do remember asking myself, “what is a Marathon Maniac?” And then, “how do I become a Marathon Maniac?

There are various criteria for different levels of Maniac, but the minimum level is a one star maniac, or bronze level, and requires that you run 2 marathons within 16 days of each other… CONTINUE READING

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