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5K PR Plan – Week 4 Update

It has been a rough ten days or so with my training. Thanksgiving brought travel and family time and a broken treadmill at the hotel. I did not have the proper clothes to run out in the cold so I had to use the elliptical instead. Turns out that can be a pretty good workout.

And now I have felt some tightness in my left knee. It has felt… CONTINUE READING

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Episode 034 – 11 Steps To Conquering Your Run


This past weekend was The Philadelphia Marathon. I did not run it, but I was down there spectating. So I have a spectating report.

I run in the early morning before the sun comes up.

A training report for my 5K PR training plan.


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Feel Your Way To A Faster 5K

If you listened to the last episode of the podcast then you heard me talk about the 5K plan I am starting today.

This plan is all about feel. Normally, when I would train for a target race, I would determine the race pace I wanted to train for and set my pace for various training… CONTINUE READING

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How To Run A 5K With Your Kids

I have been wanting to get my 10 year old son to run a 5K for a couple of years now. He has also expressed interest in running and has also been asking to run a 5K for a couple of years now.

The perfect opportunity came when he brought a flyer home from school for a 5K that would benefit the school. So I went online and registered… CONTINUE READING

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