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6 Lies Beginner Runners Need To Ignore

Running really is one of the most simple activities we can do. The only thing simpler is walking. Hell, our bodies are designed to run and our ancient ancestors used running to not only get places, but hunt down dinner as well.

So why is it that when a beginner runner goes looking for advice shit starts to get complicated? The primal activity that is planted in us as… CONTINUE READING

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Episode 26 – Burpees, Kettlebells, and the Two Hour Marathon

Here are the Twitter shout outs for this episode. If you want to know why they are getting shout outs, you’re gonna have to listen to the episode. Or follow them on Twitter.

@nacole99 @grantdebruin82  @azureacademia  @julionthemove  @mattgoode

And remember, if you want a shout out on the podcast, tweet me your accomplishments on Twitter and follow me… CONTINUE READING

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Run Club

The first rule of Run Club is you always talk about Run Club.

The idea for this post was planted in my head when I was out for a long run last week. Here is how it started…

I was running down the road and passed another runner coming in the opposite direction. We exchanged the quick wave and said “good morning” as we continued running. This is… CONTINUE READING

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The Elephant and The PR

First…a story about elephants.

When elephants are bred in captivity, trainers condition the baby elephants so they have better control over them. An elephant is a huge creature and more importantly a very strong creature. Trainers tie young elephants up using rope that they cannot break free from. They struggle against the ropes but since they have yet to develop the strength they are destined to have they are… CONTINUE READING

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Episode 019 – PRs PBs & The AC April Fools Half Marathon

In this episode I talk about PRs and PBs…a developing trend that involves ridiculing runners…and of course my 2014 Revel Atlantic City April Fools Half Marathon Race Report.

Here is a Huffington Post article about the Self magazine tutu fiasco.

And here is episode 312 of Phedippidations with Steve Runner. I mentioned that you should check out this podcast, and this is a good… CONTINUE READING

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