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Episode 039 – How To Make Goals, Resolutions, and Plans for 2015

Everyone likes to make resolutions for the New Year, but isn’t there a better way? How can we make goals instead of resolutions and how can we plan to reach those goals?

And what are some better options to the yearly mileage goal?

Find out in this week’s episode of The MidPack Podcast where I will also talk about plans for 2015 and what races I am aiming… CONTINUE READING

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Episode 019 – PRs PBs & The AC April Fools Half Marathon

In this episode I talk about PRs and PBs…a developing trend that involves ridiculing runners…and of course my 2014 Revel Atlantic City April Fools Half Marathon Race Report.

Here is a Huffington Post article about the Self magazine tutu fiasco.

And here is episode 312 of Phedippidations with Steve Runner. I mentioned that you should check out this podcast, and this is a good… CONTINUE READING

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The Pebble In The Shoe

Yesterday was a fantastic day for running. Here in the Philadelphia area it was in the 40’s, the sun was shining in the morning, and the ice and snow were melting away.

I set out  little later in the morning for my run because I wanted to make sure the icy patches were gone. They were, but there was plenty of water.

A couple miles into the run… CONTINUE READING

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Goals Are Meaningless

It is nearly the end of January which means that most people have long forgotten the resolutions they made twenty-some days ago. I will admit, there is a goal I made just before January 1st that I have already failed at. I made a goal to write everyday of the year. Every single day. I have not, and while I did not give up writing, I can be sure there… CONTINUE READING

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