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Score Your Run

It is pretty safe to say that a lot of us like to run with music. I go both ways. Some days I run with music, other days I do not.

Now, typically I have some guilty pleasures on my iPod. Chart topping pop songs that get the body moving. I ain’t gonna lie to you, there are some pretty questionable songs on my running playlist.


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Episode 018 – The MCM Lottery and Scoring Your Run

In this episode I talk about being kept in suspense by the Marine Corp Marathon, running dreams, and scoring your run Batman style.

More detailed show notes to come.


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Save The Music for the Last 30% of Your Run

Running with Music

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Running with music has long been debated among runners. The majority of mid packers seem to prefer using their iPods to get them through their race and help them enjoy their run. There are even studies that show music can fool your brain into thinking it is less fatigued and… CONTINUE READING

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