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Episode 048 – Runners, Race Directors, and Responsibilities

Every once in a while something will pop up on social media describing discrimination toward the back of the pack runner.

Running is one of the few sports that is available to everyone no matter what.

So what responsibilities does the runner have when it comes to entering races? What about the responsibilities the race director has to the runners?

Here is Netty Edwards account

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Episode 041 – The Wedding Episode

A very very short episode for you this week. I am traveling and instead of skipping a week I pre-recorded a little special for you.

I am actually on a Disney Cruise Line vacation. The Disney Dream to be exact, and while on board that fantastic cruise vacation I am getting married.

So here is a little love story…the tale of me and my wife meeting and running… CONTINUE READING

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Episode 039 – How To Make Goals, Resolutions, and Plans for 2015

Everyone likes to make resolutions for the New Year, but isn’t there a better way? How can we make goals instead of resolutions and how can we plan to reach those goals?

And what are some better options to the yearly mileage goal?

Find out in this week’s episode of The MidPack Podcast where I will also talk about plans for 2015 and what races I am aiming… CONTINUE READING

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Throwback Thursday – My First Pair of Shoes and A New Age Group

Every week I post a #throwbackthursday story here on the blog, where I time travel just a little bit and talk about something that happened to me back in the day. It could be something from earlier in the year, or something from my early years. You can see all my#throwbackthursday posts by clicking on that hash tag.

I consider my first year of… CONTINUE READING

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If you have been following this blog, or even browsing around, you may be wondering what happened with my 5K PR plan that I started in November. The plan should be wrapping up this week and I should be running a 5K this coming weekend to try to get my PR and break 25 minutes.



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