The Pebble In The Shoe

Yesterday was a fantastic day for running. Here in the Philadelphia area it was in the 40’s, the sun was shining in the morning, and the ice and snow were melting away.

I set out  little later in the morning for my run because I wanted to make sure the icy patches were gone. They were, but there was plenty of water.

A couple miles into the run I felt a little something on my toe. It kind of felt like a piece of grass poking through the sock. I wiggled my toe a little to get the nuisance out of the way. It left for a moment, but returned after only a few more strides.

I wiggled the toe again. Still there. It still poked at my toe like before, but now it was starting to feel like a stabbing.

I had to stop and take off my shoe.

I checked my sock. Nothing stuck in there. I rubbed my hand around the toe box. Nothing. I rubbed the sides of the shoe. Nothing. The heel. Nothing. I went back to the toe box and then down the side. There it was.

Photo Feb 20, 10 54 00 AMA tiny little pebble. Almost as small as the tip of a pencil.

I replaced my shoe and continued on my run. The pain in the toe was now gone and I was running comfortably.

All that trouble just from a little pebble.

Of course, that got me to thinking and applying this little thing to the bigger things in life.

We are that pebble.

We are pushing into the toe of the challenges we face all the time.

Sometimes running a mile seems like a long way to go, but all have to do is take a step. And then another. And another. And so on and so on.

You will eventually chip away at that mile. And every time you dig yourself into the toe of that mile you will get better and better at doing it.

And this is scalable. Maybe you can run a mile with no problem. What about 5 miles? Or 10? Or a marathon.

Maybe you can only do 5 pushup. Do those 5 everyday. Then do 6. Then 7. Then, before you know it, 50 or even 100.

If I had left that pebble in my shoe it would have eventually torn through the sock and started rubbing my skin raw. If I fought against it long enough it would have drawn blood, created blisters, and possibly even disabled me.

Be the pebble.

Rub and poke and fight against your challenges.

You will win.


It can be weird how a pebble in the shoe can lead to contemplation about battling against challenges and obstacles. But then again, running can be spiritual and we can have deep thought and meditation on a run.
Check out the latest episode of The MidPack Podcast during your next warmup as I make an argument that Running Is A Religion.

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