Throwback Thursday – Running With Nature

Every week I post a #throwbackthursday story here on the blog, where I time travel just a little bit and talk about something that happened to me back in the day. It could be something from earlier in the year, or something from my early years. You can see all my#throwbackthursday posts by clicking on that hash tag.

I used to live in an area that had a lot of deer. A LOT of deer. It was not uncommon to see them walking around the streets or grazing in the fields. Especially in the early morning hours just as the sun was cresting over the horizon.

running with nature

A deer sniffing for treats.

I had a couple of run ins with deer during my early morning runs. Some of them spooky, some a little scary, and others simply amazing. I remember running past a large group of deer and the smallest of them coming right up to me. He was not scared of human contact at all and I think he was actually looking for food. I was even able to snap a picture of him while he sniffed around my hands.

But there is one particular incident with the deer that will forever remain a vivid memory in my head.

I had been running for about twenty minutes or so and I was in a nice state of flow. A very easy run and I was feeling good. As I ran down the street a pair of deer jumped from the trees just ahead of me. I wasn’t close enough to run into them or be interrupted by them, but I was close enough to be startled at first.

The deer ran directly across the street and turned left. I was along side them just as they turned left and started running the same direction I was running. I couldn’t help but stare across the street at them as we ran together. I was actually running right alongside the deer as they pranced down the street a few hundred feet before turning into another copse of trees.

I was running with deer.

It was one of those moments when everything left my mind except what was taking place in that moment. When the deer darted into the trees and away from the street I actually had to stop. I stood there in awe and watched as they disappeared into the woods.

I was running with deer.

I have to repeat that, not so you will be convinced, but because it was so amazing that I have to convince myself what was happening.

Something that will probably never happen again, but it doesn’t matter because it happened once and now I always have that with me.

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