Throwback Thursday – That Primal Urge Inside Me

Every week I post a #throwbackthursday story here on the blog, where I time travel just a little bit and talk about something that happened to me back in the day. It could be something from earlier in the year, or something from my early years. You can see all my#throwbackthursday posts by clicking on that hash tag.

For last weeks Throwback Thursday I had to do a little digging around the bowels of the internet for some pictures I took a long time ago. That led me down a rabbit hole of abandoned blog posts and forgotten race reports. So for this week’s Throwback, I give you a re-post of something I wrote a long time ago…and it still applies today.

There is something in me that wants more. I do not tell anyone about this…I have just been discovering it myself over the last few months. I want more. I want to push my limits of human endurance and go as far as I can.

People would think that I am crazy. I have never ran more than 7 miles at a time…yet. I have only done two 5k’s and nothing more…not yet. My first marathon will be in November, if the Lord is willing, but I already want more than that.

I want to cycle further, run further, swim further. I want to push the limits every day.

Many people look at a marathoner, ultra marathoner, or triathlete and they are amazed, or confused, or inspired. I see these athletes testing the entire idea of human endurance and I want it too. I want that and more.

Am I crazy? Will I ever be able to do it? How bad do I want it?

I want it… I want it more than an expensive new car or loads of jewelry. I do not watch the “pretty” people on TV and long to have their celebrity lifestyle. I look at the athletes and I want to share their journey and their pain and their success.

I want it… something inside me wants it more than anything else.

Usually when I find a new hobby, or I start getting interested in something, that interest dissipates and I am no longer passionate about that thing anymore. I forget it and move on.

That post there was written in February of 2009. And that primal urge inside of me to keep pushing the limits still exists. I have become more experienced, wiser in the ways of training, and more knowledgable about the human body…but that passion for more has not lessened by any degree.

In fact it has grown larger…and I will keep feeding it.

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