Throwback Thursday – That Time I Ran On Thanksgiving

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That Time I Ran On Thanksgiving

I have been running since mid 2008. My first 5K was a Halloween Pumpkin Run. There have been six Thanksgiving Days to pass since I ran my first race, yet I have never ran in an official Turkey Trot or Thanksgiving morning race.

I have always thought about it, but have always made an excuse not to do it. Last year I could not do it because I was traveling Thanksgiving morning. I had a three hour drive ahead of me and I had to be there in time for the feast. So signing up for a race would have been a tight squeeze on the schedule.

Turkey Trot


But…last year was the first time I had ever run on Thanksgiving. For some reason I can not remember running on Thanksgiving morning. Ever.

And since I had a three hour drive I needed to complete and be to my destination in time to visit with family and help with the dinner, I needed to wake early and run. So I did.

The sun was not due up for another hour and a half or so and it was a bit chilly out. I layered up, strapped on a headlamp so I could see what was in front of me, and made my way down the road. I wasn’t on a training plan so I did not have a set distance to run. I just headed out and kept my eye on the time.

I made it four miles down the road at a pretty easy pace. I was averaging around 11 minutes per mile so I decided to turn around and head back. Then…something happened.

The next mile was over a minute and a half faster than that fourth mile. The remaining three miles were even faster than that and faster with each step. The four miles back to my house were finished with an average pace of less then 9 minutes per mile.

It had been only eleven days since I ran the Philadelphia Marathon and I just ran 8 miles much stronger than I thought I could on that day. With a negative split. With the last four miles being much, much stronger than I thought I could run on that day.

This year is also no Turkey Trot for me. This the weather is cold and bitter and covered in snow so I will probably run on a treadmill.

But I will run…and I will remember that the best runs come when you least expect them.

What are your running plans for this Thanksgiving? Not in the States? Then what are your running plans on this Thursday?

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