Why I Got A FitBit Flex

I am sort of a numbers junkie, but not totally a numbers junkie. I know that sounds weird.

The FitBit and Garmin Forerunner coexisting.

The FitBit and Garmin Forerunner coexisting.

I use my Garmin on every run that I do. If I end up running naked it is most likely because the battery has died. I do not upload the workouts to Garmin Connect after each workout. Hell, I don’t even upload them after each week. But when I do upload them I scroll through the statistics. I gaze at the miles and the splits and the average pace.

So I kind of like statistics when it comes to my running.

But what about the rest of the time?

A simple pedometer would tell me how many steps I take everyday, but that did not seem like enough. So when my girlfriend started using a FitBit Flex I took notice.

The FitBit Flex is worn on the wrist and counts the steps you take. In turn it also estimates the calories you burn. It syncs to the FitBit website using your computer, or better yet your smartphone. I downloaded the app to my iPhone and constantly sync throughout the day. The app also makes it very convenient to keep track of the calories that I eat so I can make sure I am burning more than I am eating.

Besides steps and calories, the FitBit Flex also can track your sleep patterns, and has a silent alarm. It vibrates on your wrist. You can turn it off by tapping it or ignore it and it will snooze for nine minutes. I find this alarm wakes me easier than the alarm on my phone.

So, with all of that, the reason I got the FitBit Flex is to keep track of numbers. Steps and calories and minutes slept and miles walked and weight lost.

For me, seeing numbers on a screen or in a chart just makes it that much easier to keep going. Those numbers keep me motivated to burn calories and get as many steps as I can. In turn I hope for better health and a lighter gravitational pull.

Could I do all that without a FitBit Flex? Sure. But having it just make it so much more fun.

Want to give the FitBit Flex a go? Check it out on Amazon.com. Using this link will help support the blog and the podcast at no cost to you! Isn’t that a fantastic deal? You betcha’!

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